2018 Dan Forman Memorial Leadership Student Award Winner: Farrell Thompson 

Farrell Thompson.jpg

The board and staff members of LOOP NOLA are proud to announce that Farrell Thompson is the 2018 Dan Forman Memorial Leadership Award winner! Farrell is a junior at Warren Easton Senior High School and participated in LOOP NOLA outdoor programs through his participation in College Track New Orleans. The award is given to a LOOP NOLA participant who embodies the passion for the outdoors, leadership, and service of LOOP NOLA’s founder Dan Forman, who passed away in 2012. Here are a few selections from Farrell’s nomination:


“Farrell has really stepped into his leadership role in the past year. He has always been a leader by example, and students have taken notice of his leadership style. Quiet and calm by nature, but not shy, every time Farrell comes in to work you can see the intent written all over his face.”


“Farrell is a people person, and he recognizes the importance of raising the new generation to see the things they do not understand yet. Community service initiatives he has taken part include work with APEX Community Center, Louisiana Children's Museum, CTNO Pie Day, and band camp mentorship.”

Passion for the Outdoors

“When he speaks of his love for the outdoors, he thinks philosophically about the universe and our place as humans in it. We spent an extensive amount of time while camping talking one on one about how he believes the aspects of life (animals, trees, our planet, etc.) are influenced by us as it relates to how we treat them. He was taken aback at the vivid sounds, smells, and existence of the raw wilderness, and we had a fun, semi-tense moment trying to figure out what was rustling through the bushes just outside the perimeter of our campground. He mentioned the impact the experience had made on him and expressed a desire to work with youth in some capacity, possibly to lead a retreat one day.”

As the 2018 student winner, Farrell and 19 other College Track participants will receive a free LOOP NOLA outdoor program of his choice along with a commemorative award and pizza party. Farrell was honored to be named the winner and he had an insightful reaction to it: “Be aware! Bad things can happen and the bigger they are, the greater the test. You can learn from them or pity yourself and focus on the negative, which will never get you out of the lesson; remember, you hold the key! I build myself to be a leader, so getting this award reminds me that I am succeeding. I am thankful for receiving this award and appreciate this opportunity.”

Congratulations Farrell!