Professional Development Program

We recently had the pleasure of meeting POND, an architecture, engineering, planning and construction firm.  We walked their team through our high and low ropes professional development program, and here's what they had to say. 

POND Company - Group Photo.JPG

1)      Why did you chose LOOP NOLA for your team building needs? 

We choose LOOP Nola because we were looking for something that would pull us out of our comfort zone as well as teaching us team building skills.

2)      What were your expectations for the day? Did LOOP NOLA meet them? Why or why not?

We expected to have a lot of fun while still gaining valuable lessons that we could take back to the workplace and LOOP Nola exceeded them.

3)      What was your team's favorite part about their program? 

We enjoyed every aspect of the day from the low ropes to the high ropes that challenged each one of us.

4)      Did your LOOP NOLA experience impact your daily work? How? 

Yes, We learned how to respect one another, listen to everyone’s input, and communicate effectively.

5)      Would you recommend LOOP NOLA to other corporations interested in a team building day? Why or why not? 

Yes, it is a fun team building experience that we hope to do again in the future.